Lynnette Randerson

One woman's courageous fight against cancer.

“I would say the most surprising thing about my journey with cancer so far is how life-altering and all-consuming it has been from the moment I got the call on January 20th.” At 46 years old, Lynnette Randerson’s life had been changed forever. On January 20, 2021, Lynnette (pictured in the middle) and her husband Paul were informed of her breast cancer diagnosis. Since then, Lynnette has had a double mastectomy, right lymphadenopathy, completed the first part of her chemo treatments, and is currently halfway through the second. Yet, once her chemo treatments are complete, Lynnette will still have six weeks of radiation, a hysterectomy, 5-10 years of hormone therapy, and reconstructive surgery. Cancer is relentless. 

What makes Lynnette truly remarkable, however, is how she doesn’t let her cancer define her. Lynnette is a wife to her husband Paul, a mother to her four sons Josiah, Austin, Kyle, and Tre, and a mentor to the young women she meets through their ministry with YWAM in Kona, Hawaii. Their family moved back to Hawaii in 2013 after relocating a few times and have been serving faithfully since. When asked to share a highlight serving with YWAM, Lynnette said, “The community here has been an amazing support to our family at this time in our lives and I am so grateful. I personally love being able to have one-on-one time with young women to help them through tough areas of life and to share with them the... heart of God”. 

The Randerson family is an active bunch. They enjoy playing games, watching movies, and seeking out adventure. So, in January when Lynnette was diagnosed, the whole family felt the weight of it. This beloved wife, mom, mentor, and more has seen a community rally behind her and the family. Team Julia’s goal was no different.

After hearing of her diagnosis, Team Julia was able to reach out to Lynnette; within 10 days, an application had been filled out and the Randerson Family had received two months of rent coverage. The mission of Team Julia is to help families in practical ways so that their lives can remain the slightest bit normal even as the whole thing has been turned seemingly upside down. Covering two months of the Randerson’s rent is one way to help them continue playing games, seeing movies, seeking adventure, and stress less about the budget as the medical bills pile up. 

“It means so much as it takes some of the financial burdens of life off us. It is also a huge emotional blessing as it just means so much to know people care and want to pray and help. I am almost 5 months into this journey, and I know I have a long way to go. So, I have to look at each day and find the good and hold on to my comforter Jesus’ hand in ALL I go through!”

Lynnette is strong, brave, resilient, and above all, faithful. Walking alongside this family has been an honor. It is why Team Julia exists.

To help women like Lynnette and their families, visit where you can donate.